About me + contact

Hi, I’m Jozef Falis.

I was born in Poprad, a town which is located near to the High Tatras in Slovakia. Currently, I live in Brno, Czech Republic.

I’ve started my marketing career in 2012 in a company named MAAG s.r.o., had an opportunity to get useful skills in online marketing. After some time, I started my career as a freelancer and I was mainly focusing on webdesign and optimization of user experience at websites. I had been cooperating with media agencies and companies, but since April 2016 I was mainly working for PPCprofits.cz, where as PPC Specialist I did Adwords, Sklik and Facebook campaigns. I learned so much during the cooperation and with the combination of my previous experience, I was able to improve client’s websites and reach better conversion rates for them. In December 2016 I founded a local store with clothes named VIBE Store, where you could only find streetwear brands based in Czechia or Slovakia. As part of this project, I was constantly trained in various marketing sectors. Since May 2017, I was working in a successful worldwide startup from the Czech Republic, Kiwi.com, where I was a member of the marketing team. My starting position here was Marketing Developer and after some time I was working as a Campaigns Manager. We were taking care of customers and converting them into loyal ones using a marketing automation tool Exponea where we were creating campaigns for upselling our customers via emails and push or browser notifications. Creating, executing, reporting, planning and tracking campaigns were the core activities which I was responsible for. I’ve moved to Kentico Software in February 2019 to position Senior Campaigns Specialist where I was starting account-based marketing together with my colleagues, covering acquisition, remarketing and retention part of the customer journey with campaigns across multiple channels or redesign of kentico.com website together. In February 2020 I changed my position to Head of Demand Generation and leading demand towards our headless CMS. I’m also responsible to optimize the conversion rate of kontent.ai and bringing the valuable leads to our sales department.


  • Account-based Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Tech-stack implementation
  • Data evaluation
  • Sense of humour – ∞

I’m familiar with tools and technologies

  • Exponea – 4/5
  • Pardot – 5/5
  • Mailchimp – 4/5
  • Google/Bing Ads – 4/5
  • Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Quora Ads – 5/5
  • Google Analytics – 5/5
  • HTML & CSS – 5/5
  • PHP – 2/5
  • WordPress – 5/5
Jozef Falis

    Jozef Falis, +421 905 876 538, jozef.falis@gmail.com, jfalis.com

    Jozef Falis